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June 7, 2004 by mikimouse
I have freedom. Our society here in North America is the land of the free. You're free. I'm free. Your sister's free. Your sister's teacher is free. Your sister's teacher's cousin's nephew is free. We are all free. But free to do what? To do anything? No. But free to do what? To go anywhere? No. But free do what? To say anything? NO! That is the proverbial rub, as they say. Let me be literal here. I'm the most literal person you'll ever encounter. When a governing lawful government creates laws ...
June 7, 2004 by mikimouse
This article got me thinking some weird things. Could this article hold any truth to it? Why are the structures there? What's with the razor wire, guards guarding empty an empty camp. This is shocking if true or possible. This martial law thing is being spoken like air these crazy days. If another terror attack hits the US maybe these camps will fill up? Whatsay likesay cats?
June 4, 2004 by mikimouse
Sickest comparison and I applaud Bush for having the niceness for once in passing over this political chance to shine. What an arse this Rumsfeld is. Makes it so cheap to the next generation's eyes. But then again, just them being able to read will be the biggest worry. Damn this society. And Go Flames!
May 31, 2004 by mikimouse
Don't let them ruin what you've spent a lifetime raising!
May 31, 2004 by mikimouse
Some thanks they get. What a disgrace to be treated so contemptuously. Never vote for someone who not only has dodged his wartime responsibilities, but has also never seen combat while sending men off to a lie-filled war.
May 31, 2004 by mikimouse
Iraqis, they claim, are stupid morons with no brains and no self-respect. What a load of manure. They will not forget as easliy as the US does. Life doesn't always go on as before. The US should leave Iraq.
May 27, 2004 by mikimouse
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May 26, 2004 by mikimouse
This event will pose no threat to the brave and dutiful government willing to hype fear among, of all people, many of the nation's elderly, mostly survivors of the hellish ruins of postwar Europe. While a western patriot myself, I have no qualms in saying 'Al-Queda' has no track record for either a)killing a man in a wheelchair, and condoning and not condemning the killing of a man in a wheelchair. These heroes will have their ceremony and the nation will remember their payments for the world ...
May 26, 2004 by mikimouse
This is pretty bad for weekend soldiers, and a testament to their leaders' indifference. To be set among e-coli isn't a very good policy for the US.
May 13, 2004 by mikimouse
I've been avoiding posting controversial political links since I offended Kharma the other day, but this link I post here made a real interesting point. What would the occupation look like today if KBR, instead of hiring American cooks, drivers, etc....what if they were hiring local Iraqis to do it? They have high unemployment and this would definitely help. What's keeping them from hiring honest Iraqis?
May 12, 2004 by mikimouse
"Stern, in her introduction, is frank about her goals and her fears in traveling around the world, at risk to herself, in order to first hand talk with individuals who "kill in the name of God." And she is an equal opportunity researcher: she interviews Christian, Jewish and Islamic terrorists."
You all need to read this interview to open your minds to the motivations and reasonings these terrorists have. And not only Islamic terrorists. All terrorists. I assume none here will be interested in ...
May 10, 2004 by mikimouse,2763,1213186,00.html
Bremer Knew Of Course,4057,9519057%255E401,00.html
May 5, 2004 by mikimouse
The death of the American dream may sound extreme, but it can no longer be denied that the US has lost a lot of prestige in the world over this revelation that America tortures civilians. To be fair to myself, I must say I've told people this and was laughed at, I explained and provided evidence of what I said only to be laughed at. The common American now can see what their nation has done to another nation, remorselessly. Even I, Mikimouse, the bane of your existence, was disgusted and in fact...
April 28, 2004 by mikimouse
I don't tend to speak out too much defending what can be seemingly-safely labelled as propaganda news sites. But this case is different. Like it or not, news comes from all types of places and sources. The internet has opened up the portals of the world of news. We no longer have to wait and rely and trust the likes of Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw for what's going on in the world. We can look all over for what we wish to identify as truth. And many of us do.
Al-Jazeera was targeted by the US dur...
April 27, 2004 by mikimouse
Here's the compilation of photos the Bush Admin. doesn't want you to see. When I see the photo of a coffin, I think of their family. Many don't want us to see these photos, especially during an election period. Look at these photos and remember they're families and the fact they're loved ones will never be coming home. Why these photos are a shame I don't understand, election or not. If you have the so-called balls to go to war, have the respect for the dead men and women and let the country see...