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Published on June 7, 2004 By mikimouse In Politics
I have freedom. Our society here in North America is the land of the free. You're free. I'm free. Your sister's free. Your sister's teacher is free. Your sister's teacher's cousin's nephew is free. We are all free. But free to do what? To do anything? No. But free to do what? To go anywhere? No. But free do what? To say anything? NO! That is the proverbial rub, as they say. Let me be literal here. I'm the most literal person you'll ever encounter. When a governing lawful government creates laws we are all to abide by them. To break a law, any law, is unlawful and contradictory to how we are supposed to live. Whether it's rape or jaywalking, a law is a law is a law. That makes sense in a literal environment. Nowhere else trust me on that one. So, where am I going with this? I have no idea. I'm thinking while I type. What with D-Day and all, the word freedom is being spewed like it's going out of style. So it got me thinking whether there really is any freedon anywhere in this world. We say we're free. Some may even say they feel free. But are they? If we're a free and open society why is there a postion called a 'spin doctor'? This may seem outlandish but consider it...we all know it's a position where someone takes facts and turns them around, deflects and misleads. Here's the politician voted in by all of you, America in general, and he employs someone who works as his PR man, all the while everyone knows his job, what he does, and they all listen and consider as if it were serious. That makes me shake my head. It's a way of life and it's entrenched in our society and it should not be.
Look at religious freedom. We like to think we're an open society, but there's a catch. While the nation says there's no room for God in your schools, most fail to recognize the fact that actions such as that are in itself restricting and encroaching on our labelled 'freedom'. I know one cannot satisfy all, but the action of denial is already in fact biased in themselves. There will come a time when atheism and those who are anti-religious will be seen as a legitimate religion in their own right. That's far off though.
We're free. But literally in your own yards are actions and events that don't jibe well with the accurate terminology of freedom. There's a website that devotes itself to the words of the US government. They use the Freedom of Information Act to get government documents, literally historical, meaning it's all been said and done. Remember these documents are real and show, in their own words, what the US politicians do and say all their political lives. There's no lies committed by this site. It's like punching someone for repeating what it was you had already said. But this site was hassled over it's actions.
We're free to say what we like. But are we? Well, I sure can since I'm no one to anyone in this world, other than family. But what about someone of influence? There's another website that was subject to foul-mouthed obscenities from a computer in Donald Rumsfeld's office no less. The aide sent an e*mail to this person and called them terrorists, lovers of terrorists, that he was a pussy-wimp, Anti-American etc..This man is a 3 year in country Vietnam vet. What was his crime? Simple. He posted his thoughts about Rumsfeld.
So it's clear. If you enforce your right to your freedom of speech against the wrong person you can and will be attacked for it. It degrades honesty and it discourages other honest people to come forward with their own experiences. When people can't be free to say what they like it erodes the notion of true freedom.
Anyways think about this. The next time you drop a piece of paper or anything else on the ground you're a criminal who could be punished. If you leave a parking lot and cross over the yellow dividing line on the road you are a criminal who could be prosecuted.
This rant is long-winded and is over now.
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on Jun 07, 2004
Whether attacked for it or not, your still free to say whatever you want. Freedom doesn't imply freedom from the consequences of your actions. If I say to you that I think you're an obnoxious bore, (just an example and the 'you' is nobody in particular) I have every right to say so. Does that mean I am somehow protected from 'you' saying something in retaliation? Of course not.

I do understand your general drift on this though. With ever increasing government domination of our daily lives, we are losing freedoms left and right. No doubt about it. But, in a more general sense, we are free from persecution by the government for speaking out against that government. That is something many people in the world can't say.

Is our freedom becoming a sham? Yes, I think it is. I think it's becoming the "wool pulled over our eyes". We are rapidly becoming a nation who thinks they are free while the courts are quickly usurping the authority of the legislation and making law instead of enforcing law. This is dangerous and will eventually erode our freedoms to the point that speaking out against a court ruling will land you in jail for contempt.

We are still relatively free when compared to many other peoples in the world. But as you inplied, more and more laws are being passed every day. WIth every law that is passed, a little piece of our freedom evaporates.

Of course, we are still free to argue and debate over whether or not we are still free. Keeps us too busy to notice what's happening while we aren't looking.

Sorry this reply is so long.
on Jun 07, 2004
no problemo. It's what I like to see. Input.
on Nov 01, 2004
Well it depends what your applying the term freedom too.

You truly are free to do whatever you want. This is a universal truth. Right now you can bomb a bank and rape a woman. But you don't. But you still have the ability to do so. Though there is a catch. Everyone and everything will judge your actions and therefore will act upon it. This is what a government is. It decides what actions are wrong and then analyze all those that they govern. If you break what is wrong then they will judge you to be wrong and act upon it.

Governments are said to give more "freedom" to the people when it limits it's scope of what is wrong. So it is logical for the government to protect itself by making "attacking it's policies" wrong. This is a downright betrayal of democracy where the majority of society should choose what is wrong.