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When's His Turn To Fall On A Sword?
Published on June 4, 2004 By mikimouse In Politics
Sickest comparison and I applaud Bush for having the niceness for once in passing over this political chance to shine. What an arse this Rumsfeld is. Makes it so cheap to the next generation's eyes. But then again, just them being able to read will be the biggest worry. Damn this society. And Go Flames!
on Jun 04, 2004
"In less than three years," Rumsfeld said, "a global coalition has overthrown two vicious regimes, liberated 50 million people, disrupted terrorist cells around the world, including in this part of the world, and thwarted a good many terrorist attacks."

Good God, the man's out of touch!
on Jun 04, 2004
Oh. My. God.

Taking absolutely nothing away from the wonderful and dedicated folks in our armed forces today, but exactly what is the man smoking to make that comparison?
on Jun 04, 2004
he's smoking something we're not allowed to have access to. And rightly so. Any other event but D-Day. Any other would have been better. Maybe not though. Like Hiroshima? Now that's a good example of a level playing field. Competition my arse.
on Jun 04, 2004
I would not be suprised if Rumsfeld belonged to the mysterious proto-reptilian race hypothesized by the likes of David Icke.

See Link

on Jun 04, 2004
on Jun 05, 2004
Excuse me, did he just compare terrorists to pirates? I can't wait to ride Disney's "Terrorists of the Persian Gulf." I can see the animatronics now -- wild eyed guys in turbans holding scimitars and chasing burka covered lasses. The U.S. military having a tank battle in the middle of a desert. And at the end, all the baddies can be imprisoned in Abu Ghraib while Lynndie England tugs on their leashes. E-ticket all the way, baby!

Well, Eisner is a Bush supporter.

on Jun 07, 2004