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Published on April 30, 2004 By mikimouse In Events
Here are the disgusting photos of the disgusting crimes committed by the US forces in Iraq. The humiliation and degredation of Iraqi prisoners took place in the same prison that Hussein used to torture his many victims. This is a blow to the US war effort and if anyone is in their right mind they would demand their troops be returned home. What is going on in Iraq that makes these soldiers treat prisoners in much the same manner Hussein treated his prisoners. And on top of it all the US has installed some Iraqi Baathist murderer torturer officers to help the US do what they apparently can't do themselves, which is to maintain order.
The US invaded Iraq to rid the planet of Hussein and his criminal Ba'ath party because they are responsible for some of the worst atrocities ever committed. The US now allows the Ba'ath party officers to work for them with no fear of prosecution for their war crimes.
Yesterday the US Marines announced their withdrawal from Fallujah. The Pentagon denied it vigorously. Today the Pentagon announced that the US Marines are withdrawing from Fallujah.
Do not misinterpret what I am saying. I realize it is not representative of all the US GI's in Iraq, but in looking at the GI's faces one can easily see the obvious glee they have and that usually means its systematic and possibly condoned/ignored by the US commanders there. No doubt these soldiers are enjoying humiliating the possibly-innocent Iraqi prisoners. These war crimes must stop before it's too late.

on May 03, 2004
I don't see anywhere on this site that gives any indication that these are even valid photos.  How do you even know that this isn't some sort of stunt?  I don't see how these can be seen as legitimate at all.
on May 03, 2004
Oh, they're valid allright

on May 03, 2004
President Bush has been on TV quite a bit communicating the fact that most Americans including most in the military are thoroughly disgusted by the actions of this small group.  It is sad that these people are so twisted and ignorant.  If they had a brain they would realize they are only hurting everything that we are working for.  They are only going to cause more problems for anyone taken prisoner by Iraqis because this is sure to effect how they treat us.
on May 03, 2004

There is no evidence of systematic abuse of POWs.

Bear in mind how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's were POWs.

BTW, Mikey, where's your blog denouncing the brutal murdering of Americans who were burned to death, dragged through the street and then hung from a bridge for a week? And for what? For trying to deliver food and medical supplies.  Where's your outrage? Oh that's right, only things that move forward your hatred of all things American matter to you.

on May 03, 2004
" For trying to deliver food and medical supplies"
Lmao Dargman. I see where I lost so many points over the weekend. Many thanks for your control. They were mercs.