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Don't Forget Your Dosimeter
Published on March 29, 2004 By mikimouse In Events
Now this is one brave ?silly? woman. But I can see her reasons for such a journey. How many people have gone through an empty city that 99.99999% of the planet refuse to go to or even go near? The quiet isolation of a once thriving loud busy city would be too much for some to bear. Can you stand being in a place where everywhere you look you should be hearing the loud sounds of the city? When you stand on a street looking at roads, apartments, houses, businesses, farms, plantations, vehicles....what do you assume you'll hear? Sound! We take things like that for granted. If someone told you they knew a city built for over 50,000 people where you could hear a pin drop you'd never believe them. It's not that people are stupid. It's just that as social humans we expect noise and sounds to make up our surroundings as much as we expect our bum noises to assail our nostrils. So enter, and look at what technology and human advancements can do, not only to unwitting firemen and chopper pilots, but also to an entire region of civilization.
on Apr 06, 2004
I tried to send a link to this web site to some AOL friends but it was bounced back by AOL stating they had received many complaints about the site.
on Apr 13, 2004
Well I say a big BRAVO to this girl for her insightful website, and for actually risking her life to show the rest of the world what the rulers/government of the time tried to cover up.

And to you Mikimouse, another thankyou for providing a link to this information.

I hope the girl is still living and healthy.

I am in awe of her.

on Apr 15, 2004
This looks very interesting!! I will have to read into her adventure later though Thank you for sharing this! I certainly hope this is not an environmentalist gone extreme... but by the end of your description is sort of sounded that way. Alas! I will still look

(I know y'all like how I through in the "Alas!" there!)
on Apr 15, 2004
Thanks so much for posting this. Some of the most affecting video and photography in history is of the helicopter pilots who committed suicide when they hovered over the flaming reactors at Chernobyl and staved off a planetary catastrophe by dropping huge concret plugs into the irradiating inferno that consigned all of them to gruesome deaths. It gives me the willies, when I think that we're planning on building more of these things to boil water here.