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June 4, 2004 by mikimouse
I lose all my points and I got to thinking hey I'm no one here, no one here loves me! What can I do about it? Suicide? Naw. Too cheap. So I do what any good person does...I change my way of thinking. Points are nothing in the grand scheme of things. What's important is the blog site. Not the User. So I like to say (now). Ha. Some goon here made me think of that with his rude post to me. Yeah, I realized. I'm a jerk here. So what? I'm a #5 jerk here. So there. That's all I needed to see how ok it...
May 13, 2004 by mikimouse
how is it that my site is in the top 10? how does the point system work for that one? Clearly someone considered a troll will gain from that label, right? I don't understand this site's point systems..explain anyone?